Best Indian Restaurants in Canada

People all over the world are getting fond of delicious Indian food. This has led to the emergence of Indian restaurants in various parts of the world. You, therefore, do not have to be in India to enjoy this rich cuisine. Initially inspired by the dense population of Indians, Canada is no exception as Indian food continues to make a strong presence in its culinary scene. Here, we look at a brief history of the emergence of Indian restaurants in Canada and some tips as you look for an authentic one.

The Introduction of Indian Restaurants in Canada

The history of Indian restaurants in Canada begins with the first immigration of South Asians into Canada back in 1903. However, it wasn’t until the 1690s when the number of Indian immigrants was seen to increase dramatically following a change in the immigration policy in Canada. Since then, and throughout the 1970s, Indians continued to trickle into Canada, not only from their homeland but also from diaspora areas.

By this time, Indian restaurants run by Sikhs and other Indians started to be seen in Canada. As the population of Indian communities began to blossom, more people hurried to lessen the gap in terms of Indian Cuisine. This desire to preserve culture and become financially stable combined with the increased interests in other cultures is behind the current diversified Indian Cuisine in Canada.  

Tips for Finding an Indian Restaurant in Canada

Familiarize Yourself with Indian Flavors

The Indian Cuisine is made up of a wide variety of flavors. It may not be possible to offer all of them in one sitting. As such, you will find that Indian restaurants will specialize in specific flavors. Familiarizing yourself with the various Indian flavors and identifying the one you prefer will put you in a better position in finding a suitable Indian restaurant in Canada.

Since Indian food offers distinct flavors depending on the region of origin, this is a common basis for classifying the same. For simplicity, they are normally placed in either of two categories that is the North Indian Cuisine and the South Indian Cuisine.

North Indian cuisine is more prevalent in Canada. Different types of bread and curries dominate this cuisine. South Indian cuisine has also recently begun to gain traction. These are more rice-based and mostly feature a higher spice content. You should therefore decide which one is more your style.

Choose the Restaurant

You should be able to narrow down on a few restaurants based on what you are looking for. Apart from your preferred flavors, there are also other basic considerations to make such as the cost, distance, and customer service just like you would when looking for any other restaurant.

In this case, however, there is a special consideration to make. That is Indian authenticity. The food they offer should be as close as possible to the actual traditional Indian flavors. This involves the use of fresh quality ingredients as spices.


Indian food, with the amount of variety that it offers, is something to look forward to. Following a long history of immigration into Canada, you can now enjoy these delicacies right in Canada. It is however up to you to look for a good Canadian Indian restaurant where you will get an authentic Indian experience.