Best food in Vancouver downtown

An Indian Delicacy is a place that offers incredible flavors and tastes of Indian traditional food. This Vancouver delicious restaurant will offer plenty of options in recipes but at the time you can’t try all of them. So, here are some of the best dishes that you must try from this Indian restaurant in Vancouver downtown.  

Here is some of the Indian food Vancouver that you should try from the Indian Delicacy restaurant if you visit the place.

7 Best recipes of Indian Delicacy:

  1. Butter chicken

This is one of the most popular dishes from the Indian Buffet downtown. Most people love this dish because of the color and seasoning used. People of Vancouver will love to eat butter chicken with naan as the butter chicken is rich in flavors of cardamom, tomato, and cream.  

Also, the butter chicken recipe is made from a variety of Indian herbs and spices. The taste of the butter chicken entirely depends on the time given for the marinating of chicken. The longer the time it takes for marinating, the tastier will be the dish. Just get the butter chicken at $13.95.

  1. Tandoori chicken

This is another mouthwatering dish in chicken and if you are vising the Indian Delicacy restaurant then this will be the must-try food on your list. If you see the name of Tandoori chicken you won’t stop drooling.

You know what makes the dish so tasty and amazing, the different types of spices used. The chicken will be marinated for longer hours with yogurt and spices of a different variety. The chicken will be cooked on a grill and it is the most famous recipe also. The tandoori chicken is made from the thigh bone which is marinated well and cooked in tandoor. Get the tandoori chicken at just $14.95.

  1. Chat

India is always famous for snack and chat items, so it won’t be good if we miss the Indian chat in the list of the best food in Vancouver downtown. When it comes to Indian chat items, the Indian Delicacy offers a variety of options.

The pakoras, fried chicken, bhajia, and papri chat that you should try to experience the North Indian flavors. Other than this we have samosa, mixed platter, and fried prawns also. The chat items will start from $6.95 to $13.95, so choose accordingly.

  1. Briyani

Briyani is a classic Indian dish and based on the regions of India the taste and flavors of biryani will differ. But the Indian Delicacy will offer all varieties of biryani from chicken to lamb. The biryani consists of different types of spices, flavors, and meat.

Even based on the region the preparation method of briyani will also vary. This is the only thing that makes the biryani more interesting as depending on the region some will cook directly or some will mix the rice with gravy to make biryani. But whatever it is, you need to try the taste of biryani which will be served with raita. You will get the biryani at just $13.95.

  1. Daal Makhani

There are a lot of dishes from the non-vegetarian category so here are the most popular and famous dishes from the vegetarian side. If you are a vegan person then you need to try this. The daal makhani is a famous dish in North India and this Indian dish is a light and lip-smacking dish.

You can enjoy this daal makhani with rice or roti or bread or even with naan. In this recipe, the lentil is cooked with a lot of butter and spices. Enjoy this daal makhani at just $11.95.  

  1. Channa masala

This is another scrumptious dish in the vegetarian category and this simple and light dish will make you drool once you read the name. Channa masala is one of the most famous vegan dishes and the recipe is a classic North Indian recipe.

You can serve the curry with rice or roti or naan or bhatura, as it will get combined with other food easily. In this dish, you can see how the Indian spices are perfectly blended and it is cooked with fresh spices. Get channa masala at $11.95.

  1. Desserts

The best Indian food is not completed until you serve the desserts. Dessert is the most famous food in India and people will like to eat dessert after the food. There are wide varieties of sweets available and in Indian Delicacy; you will find delicious and flavor-rich sweets.

They are offering desserts like gulab jamun, rice pudding, rasamalai, and coconut ice cream. The price of the dessert will start at $3.95.

All the foods offered by Indian Delicacy will be enriched with taste, but if you are a tourist then these are the dishes that you should try on your first visit.