The Most Popular Indian Dishes

There are several reasons that could compel you to try Indian food. It could be that you want to get a taste of their famously intricate flavors or you want to benefit from the said health benefits that it offers. Either way, it will be a remarkable experience. One of the main characteristics of Indian cuisine is its rich variety. It can therefore be confusing when you are looking to order something good during your first time at an Indian Restaurant. The following would be a good start.



Samosas make it to the top of the list of the most popular Indian dishes in the world. They can be taken as a delicious savory takeaway snack or as an appetizer. It is typically a stuffed dough that can either be fried or baked. Cooked with various types of fillings, they are suitable for both vegetarians and meat lovers.


Chaat, which is popular Indian street food, is also a favorite among Indian dishes. You are guaranteed to find this being sold by a number of street food vendors while in India. Chaat truly lives up to its name by being utterly delicious. The original Chaat combined potatoes pieces, chickpeas, and fried bread. This was then garnished using yogurt, tamarind sauce, and coriander. Many variations have since come up.



This is basically a type of fluffy leavened flatbread that is usually oven-baked. Its simplicity makes it a great compliment to almost every other meal. It especially goes well sopped up in sauces or chutneys either by dipping or scooping. While plain Naan is preferred by many, it is also offered in other variations such as garlic, rosemary, paneer, and chili naan among others.


Originally from South India, Dosa has become a famous Indian meal world over. It is a thin pancake that is made from rice and lentils. While it may seem like a mere pancake, it is also a very versatile meal. This is because they can be taken on their own, accompanied with chutneys and Sambars, or filled with veggies like spiced potatoes.

Indian main Dishes

Butter Chicken

Among the most famous Indian curries is the butter chicken. It is known for its tantalizing look and mouth-watering taste. It features a mildly spiced creamy gravy made from tomatoes, cream, butter, and other spices. Its mild nature makes it a great option for those looking for a lightly spiced yet flavorful version of Indian food.


Rice is a universal dish, with every culture having its own way of preparing it. For the Indians, we are blessed with biryani. Its beautiful aroma and presentation have made it irresistible to many. Created from a mixture of rice with meat, vegetables, and various spices, the resulting meal is a wonderful blend of flavors.


There are many Indian cuisines and it is highly unlikely that you would be able to taste all of them even in an entire lifetime. While there is a wide selection, the above are some of the most popular Indian dishes and will give you a good idea of what the cuisine is like.