Ultimate Indian food Vancouver that you should try

People of all the countries show specific interest in Indian food, as the cuisine is diverse. Each region of India will have its unique flavor and the style of cuisine will vary. But in recent times, everyone is talking about the Indian food available in Canada.

Have you tried Indian Cuisine Vancouver? Vancouver is the major city in Western Canada and it is the most populous city. Most people refer to Vancouver as a foodie city that has a lot of Asian influence comes with unique and innovative taste.

Vancouver is a place of international sensibility that has different types of food inspired from the different regions but the Indian food Vancouver is the one that you should try as it comes with different flavors all across India.     

Finest and authentic Indian cuisine:  

You can find a lot of Indian buffets downtown but in the list, we have the finest and authentic Indian Cuisine that lies in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Indian Delicacy is the best place to enjoy the genuine taste of Indian cuisine.

This Indian restaurant Vancouver downtown started its service in 2007 and ever since they are offering the best Indian food to the people of Vancouver. The candid spices and the incredible chefs are making the Indian Delicacy the best restaurant.

Why do you need to choose Indian Delicacy?

Are you wondering why you need to give a try to Indian Delicacy when you have a lot of Vancouver delicious restaurants?

  • Indian Delicacy has experienced and qualified chefs so they will provide food that will taste like traditional Indian food
  • They are adding spices in the right amount, and the chefs know the exact way when the spices should add to exercise the taste up
  • Not only their food will be similar to traditional Indian food, but the environment will be peaceful and amazing
  • If you want you can order their food that will be delivered to your doorstep

How to make a reservation?

Surprise your loved one or your family, by making a reservation, which is simple and easy.

  • Visit the official site https://www.indiandelicacy.ca/reservation.html
  • Fill out the common information like name, contact number, the time you need to book, and number of a person
  • Click “Book a table” and you are ready to enjoy the Indian cuisine at Indian Delicacy

The best part of Indian Delicacy is, here you will get the dining area of 60 seats. They will provide all kinds of options from home delivery to organize a private event for your family with Indian cuisine.

Menu’s available:

When it comes to Indian food there will be different recipes that are enriched with unique flavors and tastes. So, the Indian food Vancouver has all types of food that are available in India.

Their menu has all types of the best food in Vancouver downtown, I am damn sure you will be surprised on seeing this;

  • Appetizers

The appetizers include pakoras, samosas, and fried chicken and prawns, and chat items. The price will range between $6.95 to 13.95.

  • Soups

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian soups are available and the common soup here is Dal Soup or Yellow lentil soup.

  • Salads

The salads are starting at $3.95 and based on the variety the price may change.

  • Tandoori sizzlers

When it comes to Tandoori, not only you will have non-vegetarian, even they are offering Tandoori vegetables.

  • Bread

The bread varieties include the different types of Naan and enjoy this with some spicy curry.

  • Whole wheat bread

Here, you will get all types of wheat flour recipes such as roti and parathas, the most favorite Indian food.  

  • Gluten-free bread

You will get roti that has been made of chickpeas and other types of food.

  • Stuffed bread

Have you ever tasted the stuffed Naan? NO, then you need to try this recipe. The price is affordable as the starting rate is $4.95.

  • Vegan dishes

The vegan dishes are gluten-free and dairy-free so it is healthy. The category includes curry, gravy, or masala sauté vegetables.

  • Vegetarian

The vegetarian won’t get wide options in their food in other countries, but in Indian Delicacy, you will get everything from dal, paneer, kofta, to makhani.

  • Chicken special

Chicken is the most common food for Indians and based on the region the taste will differ. Enjoy every region taste in a single place.

  • Lamb special

Enjoy the different recipes of lamb in Indian Delicacy.

  • Beef special

The delicious beef varieties start at $15.95.

  • Seafood special

Why miss the seafood; enjoy the fish curry that tastes like traditional Indian curry.

  • Rice specialty

Indian food is incomplete with rice, so from brown rice to Kerala coconut rice enjoys all-region rice.

  • Briyani special

From veg to non-veg enjoy all varieties of biryani. You don’t have to wait to enjoy the best biryani, get it in Indian Delicacy.  

  • Desserts

Without desserts, the food is incomplete. We have our Indian desserts like rice pudding, Rasamalai which everyone should try.

  • Drinks

Even drinks like lassi are available in this restaurant.

  • Side orders

If you are trying vegetarian food, it is not complete with side orders like sickle or chutney, or papadum. Get your most favorite side orders. 

Just visit Indian Delicacy to fill both your stomach and soul. It would be the destination to taste all varieties of Indian foods.